Functional Medicine for Homemakers in Business

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All right, everybody, welcome back to the Homemakers in Business podcast. I am so excited to have my new friend, Lacey Lane on today. , this is our first time meeting, but we’ve been following each other on Instagram for a little while now. So we, , chatted a little bit before this, , we started this recording and. I’m so excited for y’all to just get to know her. So Lacey, would you like to tell us who you are, what you do, who you help, whatever it is that you want to go into.

Lacy Lain (00:26.923)

Yes, okay, so I am Lacey Lane and I’m a functional medicine, health and nutrition coach and lab work specialist. And I mostly help women with, specifically with hormone and thyroid issues. I have taken on clients where we do like any chronic health issue, a lot of autoimmune stuff. But my favorite, my favorite thing to work at is,

hormone and thyroid because partially because that’s part of my story was a hormone issue so anyway I feel like I can relate better with those clients than anyone else so that’s very quick nutshell of what I do

Stephanie (01:09.766)

Love it. Yes. I’m so excited to talk to you more about all this because I’ve been interested in like natural medicine, functional medicine, all of that good stuff for a long time now. And I’ve been wanting to talk to somebody in this field so that we can relate that back to women running businesses and how, you know, our health impacts, how we’re able to run our businesses and raise our families and all that good stuff because it’s all

interrelated like people want to talk about work-life balance or whatever. That’s not a thing. You have to integrate it all together if you’re going to run a business from home, especially.

Lacy Lain (01:41.515)

Mm-hmm. Yes, that’s so true.

Stephanie (01:44.706)

So what actually led you to pursuing your business right now? And what did you do before you started doing this?

Lacy Lain (01:53.227)

Okay, so before, I was a pre-K teacher before having kids, and then I had kids. And then when my oldest was four months old, my husband was diagnosed with leukemia for the first time. And that kind of woke us up as to like, and really it wasn’t even the leukemia, it was afterwards, detox, like we were trying to detox his body from all of the chemo that he had had. And we were vegan for a long time. And then I started having some health issues.

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Lacy Lain (02:24.059)

About three years later and two more kids later, he was diagnosed with leukemia a second time. It had come back. And so he had to do a stem cell transplant and go through, I mean, it was so much. But during that time, and I feel like it’s okay to say this because we’re on a podcast for women, but I started my period in between his first round of chemo with his second diagnosis.

leukemia and histone cell transplant. So in between that time, we had about four or five weeks in between. And I started my period in that time. And then after about three weeks of being on it, I was like, Oh, maybe I need to go and get this checked out because I’d had hormone issues in the past. I had, you know, having a month long period was not an irregular thing for my body because I had done that multiple times in the past, , and then gone months without having one. Um, but this one.

So I was like, maybe I need to go get this checked out because I don’t want any issues, like anything like that while he’s in the hospital. And so I went and got it checked out. They told me I really needed surgery, but because they couldn’t do that because he was going to the hospital, they were just going to put me on hormones. And so I got on those hormones. I gained like 40 pounds while we were at the hospital and my period, the medication was supposed to make my period stop and it didn’t. And so we went through the whole stem cell transplant.

all of his recovery, the whole thing, got home. I was still on my period. And I don’t remember how many weeks it was after we got home, but I finally just like, I started having like panic attacks and like just my body was just shutting down. And obviously now I can look back and see that I was in fight or flight mode and my body was so stressed out that even though I thought I was like dealing with it pretty well, like outwardly, my body was still going through all of the stress.

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Lacy Lain (04:18.471)

And anyway, so I was on my period for like six months and went to five different doctors to ask for help. I will never forget one of them was like, there’s nothing wrong. Like everything looks fine. And I’m like, how can everything look fine? I’ve been on my period for like, at that time, I think it had only been like four or five months when I saw that doctor. And I was like, this is not normal. And I don’t think I’m fine. And I’m losing my mind. But, and I have been not against medication, but…

Stephanie (04:21.774)

Oh my gosh.

Lacy Lain (04:47.439)

I don’t like taking pills. I don’t like medication. Like I just never have my entire life. And so I didn’t want to do it, but then I finally just broke down and I told my husband like something is wrong with me and I think I need medication. And at the time I thought like, maybe I just need like depression medication or like anxiety medication. Anyway, I go to all these doctors, nobody gives me anything. And so I just like…

Stephanie (04:52.577)

Yeah, same here.

Lacy Lain (05:12.411)

I was like, okay, Lord, like, I don’t know what to do. I went to the doctor. I did like all the normal things that you do, right? When you’re struggling with that, got no help. And so I just remember getting on my knees in my living room and praying, asking him like, what do I do? And there have been a couple of moments in my life where like, I wouldn’t say I heard his voice audibly, but like, there was no doubt in my mind that like, this is what he’s telling me to do. And that was go back to school. So I went back to school specifically just for me.

like my health and then my husband’s health. Like I wanted to know what was best for us. And then like thinking forward for our kids, like my kids now, you know, on any medical form you have to fill out, like do you have a history of this in your family, right? Like all my kids have to say that now, right? And so I’m like, so what is the best like nutritionally for us? And like, how do we combat this from a like proactive standpoint? And so I really just went back for us and I remember I got off social media for almost two years.

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Lacy Lain (06:08.343)

and said, I’m not gonna do it again, whatever. And then I just really felt the Lord calling me. Several people were asking me like, hey, are you taking clients yet? And I’m like, I wasn’t really gonna take clients. I was just doing it for like us. And then I did take on a couple of people just like, honestly, people are needing it so bad. There’s just such a dire need for it truly that I could not help them because now like obviously I had the education, I knew like how to help them.

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Lacy Lain (06:37.179)

And not that it’s me, like that’s the way the Lord designed our bodies, right? And we’ve gotten way far away from that. And so, sorry, this is a long story, but long story short, several people came to me. I decided, okay, I’m going to do it. And then I wasn’t, it was like a weird like, okay, I’m going to do it. And then I’m like, take it back and be like, no, that’s too much. Like I’d go to bed at night stressing about like, okay, like it, like the puzzle, right? Like what does this person actually need? How do I figure this out? You know?

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Lacy Lain (07:06.331)

Anyway, so after like two clients that were really, really hard cases, honestly, I was like, I am not doing this. And then literally the next morning I woke up and somebody had bought my program because I, you know, at that point I’m like, okay, I guess I’ll do this. And then somebody had bought my program and I was like, okay, Lord, I guess I’m going to keep doing this, you know? And so anyway, I think at that point I was like, okay, this is what he’s calling me to do. It’s kind of my retirement plan. Like I’ll go to school, learn for us. And then like when we retire.

Stephanie (07:30.986)


Lacy Lain (07:35.163)

I’ll have something that I can fall back on, you know? And no, that’s not what the Lord had. And it’s honestly just been the coolest, like helping women not only like see their health differently, but like truly learn how to heal their bodies from, like I firmly believe that the Lord, it’s funny because I will get back to this, but in the healthcare world, like people who are not believers, like all healthcare people.

Stephanie (07:37.45)


Lacy Lain (08:02.907)

not all, but a large majority would tell you that your body is designed to heal itself. And I’m like, yeah, the healer himself created our bodies that way perfectly. And like before the fall, right, that was the whole like that, like it just makes sense. Right. And so anyway, so it’s been really, it’s been really, really cool helping women learn how to do that for themselves and just an in obedience to take care of our bodies as a temple. Right. And so anyway, that’s a long story, but that’s how I got into it.

Stephanie (08:16.158)

Exactly. Oh yeah.

Stephanie (08:31.118)

That’s amazing. No, I love that. Can you tell me what your definition of functional medicine is? Because I think a lot of people probably get confused on that when you throw around terms like natural medicine or functional medicine or, you know, there’s so many different terms for alternative medicine to what we typically think of going to a hospital or like primary care doctor for.

Lacy Lain (08:55.527)

Okay, so my view of functional medicine is that, well, and like you mentioned different things like alternative and natural and that sort of thing. So natural medicine is where we are not using any like synthetic anything. It’s all naturally healing our bodies. And then functional, and then like we have like Western medicine, right? And that’s where we basically have a symptoms based, treat the symptoms, medicate the symptoms, fix the one system at a time, right? Like we go to different.

like a cardiologist for your heart and like, you know, different ones. And in functional medicine, I feel like it is like a perfect like marrying of the two. It’s a holistic approach. A lot of times it’s like interchange with holistic health because we’re not denying that there is a place for Western medicine, which I call acute care. Like that is for things like a broken bone or, you know, like acute situations where you need.

Stephanie (09:38.094)


Lacy Lain (09:53.459)

like immediate help with something. But we also utilize, and I think the majority of functional medicine practitioners, coaches, all of the above, I think the majority of people would tell you that the goal is to first go the natural route when you have a specific chronic issues. Functional medicine is wonderful for chronic issues, chronic healthcare, in my opinion. And you asked for my opinion, so I’m giving it.

Stephanie (09:56.109)


Stephanie (10:14.719)


Stephanie (10:20.582)


Lacy Lain (10:22.615)

But functional medicine is basically a holistic approach where we recognize there’s a need for both, but then we only plug in what we need from either or like right either side. We plug in what we need from whichever one in order to heal our bodies properly and get back into what we call right functional health, where we’re like at optimal function. That’s the goal, right? And so yeah, I would say it’s holistic health where we take

where it recognizes the place for both. But I typically like to think that we go the natural route first and work towards healing before jping in and just medicating a symptom.

Stephanie (11:06.286)

Yeah, that’s awesome. I think that’s a great definition. So now that we know a little bit more about like your background and the background of functional medicine and what it’s actually meant to do, can you tell us a little bit about how you actually work with clients and your program that you have and all that good stuff?

Lacy Lain (11:23.815)

Okay, so I, first of all, I’m like a lab, junkie nerd person, I don’t know. I always tell people with my husband having leukemia, which for anybody listening, if you don’t know, leukemia is a blood disease. And so, I mean, I don’t even know how many years ago that was, seven years ago, I learned, I started learning a whole lot more about blood than any normal han being would want to learn, right? But I love it, I love all of it. And I…

Stephanie (11:46.545)


Lacy Lain (11:51.259)

I really feel like the Lord used that to give me this passion for what I’m doing now. So I can like totally nerd out on some blood labs. But I love like the science behind it. But with clients specifically, we use labs and we use health history. And when I say health history, I don’t just mean like, you know, tell me has your father or mother ever had a heart attack, right? Like I want to know like your specific health history. Like

traatic events that you’ve been through and where you, I mean, I like literally go back all the way to were you breastfed or bottle fed. Cause I want to know that all that’s all relevant to your current health situation, in my opinion. I think a lot of people in functional world would say that’s very relevant to your current health situation because all of those things, they do affect our bodies, but all of those things, if not handled properly or

Stephanie (12:28.191)


Lacy Lain (12:48.283)

, supported properly throughout your life. All of those can add up to, , the current state that you’re in. Like they all, I mean, it’s not, I don’t know how to explain this. Um, try to put it in like really simple terms, but basically it like stays with you, you know, it, your body, unless you learn how to process that and your body is balanced and able to, you know, handle all of that stress and all those things that go on in your life, then you’re going to carry it with you.

Stephanie (13:03.691)


Lacy Lain (13:18.083)

And I think that’s pretty, like in the mental health world, we see that, right? Like we can see how those things happen. But, and when we talk about our bodies, like physically, we don’t talk about that very often. We just talk about it as like a mental health issue, but our bodies hold on to that stuff too, and carry it for long, like years, long periods of time. And so what, basically what I do is we go through your health history, we look at your labs, and my goal really is to

Stephanie (13:22.023)


Stephanie (13:29.55)


Lacy Lain (13:46.575)

educate you and walk through it with you to create a health plan and a, I call it a well, a functional wellness plan because the goal is to get you to optimal wellness, optimal functioning. And so we go through that and a lot of times it takes anywhere from like three to six months to get someone back to, you know, being balanced out and giving them all the support that they need along the way. But that’s really, it’s, it sounds really simple.

Stephanie (13:57.485)


Lacy Lain (14:16.359)

Um, it doesn’t sound like super, you know, I don’t know, , doesn’t sound super complicated, but sometimes, sometimes it is cause we have such a mental block or, you know, we are, we’re so trained to think one way about healthcare, you know, that there’s some work to do in there. But, and then I coach them along the way and, , work through things with them. And so that’s, you know, the gist of it.

Stephanie (14:22.179)


Stephanie (14:29.962)


Stephanie (14:39.438)

Amazing. No, that’s, , I feel like that’s so relevant to like a lot of people because Like for me personally When we first got married, I just had this urge to start creating our own household cleaners and stuff. So that’s where we started with like the ditching the toxic products and Going more natural route with the things that we were putting on our bodies

Lacy Lain (14:58.685)


Stephanie (15:08.226)

We’re still not really in a great place with food yet. We do the best that we can, but you know, groceries are so expensive now that it’s hard to do all of the natural products and stuff and then do all organic, like local grass-fed, whatever. But you know, you do the best that you can with what you have and I can look back. We’ve been married for seven years now and I’m gonna look back seven years and see how far we have come in both of our health.

Lacy Lain (15:08.596)


Lacy Lain (15:24.011)


Stephanie (15:35.382)

just because of these little minute changes that we’ve been making. So I can imagine how much of an impact that would have on somebody’s life working with someone like you.

Lacy Lain (15:44.999)

Yeah, I think you hit the nail on the head. That is the hardest thing to get people to realize. It’s just a small change at a time. And if we can do that and then keep making those small changes, once one becomes a habit, then start the next one. It really is like a domino effect. Yeah, that’s so good.

Stephanie (15:59.246)


Yeah. So what you’re doing right now, you’re working one-on-one with clients and then you have a program also. Are those two separate things or is people just going into your program? How can someone like reach out and work with you?

Lacy Lain (16:18.691)


Lacy Lain (16:22.047)

Okay, so I have been working kind of in the background. It’s actually coming out really soon. I’m really excited, like next month, that I have put together three separate programs. One is like basically just like whole body healing. One is specifically for women with hormone issues, and then one is specifically for women with thyroid issues. And it’s not, I’m really big on like personalized medicine. Like everything should be personalized to your body. However,

Stephanie (16:48.477)


Lacy Lain (16:50.035)

with these three programs, these are based off of like thousands of labs and has been, you know, you’d like, how do I explain this? It’s based off of thousands of people who have walked through very similar situations. And so there is a personal component to all of my programs. We’re going to we do live group coaching. And so there is the one on one in that way. And I say one on one, it’s with a group.

Stephanie (17:06.335)


Lacy Lain (17:19.847)

You can ask questions where they’re talking, just like me and you are right now, over Zoom each month. So if you have questions, they can be answered and things like that. But with these three programs specifically, they are more kind of a do-it-yourself, but I do kind of walk them through the process of exactly what I do with a one-on-one client. There’s videos in there, there’s audios in there.

Stephanie (17:24.109)


Lacy Lain (17:45.011)

There’s worksheets for them to do. Literally the exact same things that I do with my one-on-one clients, where we work personally one-on-one together, is in all three of those programs so that it is more tailored and personal to each person. It’s just not me doing it personally for them. I’m teaching them how to do it through a kind of a course model. But then there’s a supplement plan with it and all of that, that it’s basically a protocol,

I really struggle with because I always tell people like, stay away from a protocol, like you want it to be personalized. But this is truly based on like thousands of labs. And so it’s as like tailored to someone with those issues as it can possibly be without the price tag of a one-on-one option, if that makes sense.

Stephanie (18:36.502)

No, I love that. I personally love doing like group program type stuff more than I do one-on-one a lot of the time because I think I learned so much more from a group of people because they’re asking questions that you may not even know how to ask, like things that you need to know, but you’re like, I don’t even know how to voice this, but someone else can say it for you. And you’re like, oh, now I’ve learned something that I needed to know. So I love that.

Lacy Lain (18:43.816)

I do too.

Lacy Lain (18:51.176)


Lacy Lain (18:59.547)

Yes, I agree with you wholeheartedly. That’s the way in school we had some, like you know, at this point I’ve done several certifications and so some of them are just like self-paced on your own. Some of them have been in a group setting. Some of them have been where you just meet with your facilitator or teacher, you know, once a quarter or whatever, you know. They’re all laid out differently, but I 100% agree with you. The ones with the group coaching, I love so much because sometimes I don’t even ask questions. Like I’m in a group right now and

I just sit and listen because everybody else asks such good questions. I just like literally sit and take notes. So.

Stephanie (19:33.614)

Take notes, yep, that’s amazing. So talking about certifications, I saw, I don’t know if it was on your Instagram or on your website, that you are looking to become a board certified doctor of functional medicine. So talk to us about that.

Lacy Lain (19:46.005)


That’s been a process. Yes, I am. I’m planning on doing that. I’m currently, I’m in a certification right now that will count towards some of my hours for that. And I also did like functional medicine coaching academy. That will go like towards six hours of my like doctorate program. And so this is my last certification and then I will finish out my program.

Stephanie (19:50.347)


Lacy Lain (20:18.523)

And hopefully in about three years, you can, there’s a fast track portion of it where you can do it a little faster. But as a mom and business owner, I am not really sure that I can do the faster track. We’ll see if I can, if I can, I will try. I don’t know. Um, but yes, that is my, my goal is, , to be a doctor, a functional medicine. Eventually one of these days I’ll get there, but I will say this. Um, I actually had somebody.

Stephanie (20:32.203)


Stephanie (20:45.546)

Oh, you will do it.

Lacy Lain (20:48.187)

Yeah, well, I had somebody ask me the other day, why would you do that if your business won’t change because of it? Like you’re basically just doing that to get letters behind your name. I was like, well, yes, nber one, letters behind your name. I feel like that’s credibility with people, right? But nber two, I really want, like I love education. That’s one thing my kids this year are going to like a home school co-op program.

Stephanie (21:08.302)


Lacy Lain (21:17.367)

And one of the questions they asked was, what are your goals for your kids? And literally my only goal, she actually called me to talk about it like, hey, just want you to know, your kids will learn things this year. But my only goal that I wrote on there is just that my kids have fun and learn to love learning because I love learning so much. I think it’s such a good thing to teach our kids because I don’t know, I love learning. I’m like, I’m probably a certification junkie. I don’t know, but I do love it. And I want to know all those things.

Stephanie (21:47.224)


Lacy Lain (21:47.655)

I’ve had a really complicated client case. It’s probably the most complicated client case I’ve had so far. And I want all this knowledge and this wisdom to be able to help her. And I’ve actually had to resource out with other doctors and ask them questions on this particular case. And not that I wouldn’t do that anyway, right? Definitely should use our people and utilize the groups that we’re in that way. But…

I just want to learn it honestly. I just, I love it so much and I just want to know as much about it as I can.

Stephanie (22:18.303)


Stephanie (22:23.086)

I love that. I think your passion for it really shows. I think that’s so important too, not just if you’re going to be practicing in healthcare, but if you’re going to be running a business at all, no matter what the field is in, you need to like learning because our fields are always evolving. Your field is obviously always evolving because of new technologies that come out that can benefit your clients.

Lacy Lain (22:26.539)


Lacy Lain (22:44.649)


Stephanie (22:50.026)

Same thing with design, like I’m not comparing what you do with design, but this is something that if I didn’t keep learning, I would get behind and I would not be able to keep my clients up to speed with what’s going on in the world because things change so fast. You have to keep learning.

Lacy Lain (22:54.387)

But it’s the same, yeah.

Lacy Lain (23:04.791)

Yes, I agree wholeheartedly. I was at a conference recently and John Maxwell spoke and he was talking about a mentor that he had early on and his mentor told him if you spend one hour every day for the next five years on leadership or you know whatever it is that you are passionate about, want to be you know quote unquote an expert in, then in five years you’ll get there and he was sharing how he started doing that with leadership and obviously.

Stephanie (23:25.291)


Lacy Lain (23:31.943)

I mean, he is the expert on leadership, right? And so anyway, he said it was really interesting because about two and a half years in, he was like, wait a second, like, I don’t feel like I’m there yet, but I definitely know a lot more about this than like the people sitting in this room with me, right? And so, and not that I wanna be like, you know, the person that’s sitting in the room that knows everything, but I do, I spend, I commit it literally that day after I left that, it was in Orlando, so I like drove back and forth and that night when I got home,

Stephanie (23:34.294)


Lacy Lain (24:02.067)

I like wrote it down. I’m gonna spend one hour a day, every single day for the next five years. And honestly, because I love learning, probably for the rest of my life. But I committed, not just for me, but like I want to be that person for my clients that actually knows what I’m doing. I think there’s such a, I got really bogged down whenever I was going through and trying to figure out what was wrong with me.

with my hormone issues when I was dealing with all that and the doctors didn’t have any answers for me, I got so frustrated and overwhelmed by all of the quote unquote health coaches on Instagram and Facebook that were calling themselves health coaches and then just selling you like a diet plan or something or like a program. Like I’m not gonna mention names because I don’t wanna do that. I don’t wanna like talk on that. But you know what I’m saying? Like I just got so overwhelmed by that. And I just like, I was like, I am gonna learn this and I am going to be

Stephanie (24:29.844)


Stephanie (24:38.851)

Mm. Mm-hmm.

Stephanie (24:50.614)


Lacy Lain (24:58.235)

as much of an expert in functional medicine for women as I can, because they need that. And I don’t want other women like me being overwhelmed looking for somebody. Like I want to actually be able to help them and do that. And if I can’t find somebody that can, right? Like outsource to somebody that knows what they’re doing, you know? And so anyway, all that to say, I want to like alleviate that as much as possible for other women because I know that frustration and just like truly so overwhelmed trying to find help out there, you know?

Stephanie (25:12.148)


Stephanie (25:28.582)

Oh yeah. And along with learning, like when you get good at learning and you’re continuing to learn, you get better at researching too. So if, even if you don’t have the exact answer for somebody, you’re, you have the knowledge of what to search for, to find the answer for them and that therefore that makes it easier.

Lacy Lain (25:39.028)


Lacy Lain (25:45.543)

Yes. Yeah. Yes. And I think too, like once you get into it, and I’m sure it’s that way in your field too, you get into it and then you grow these relationships with other people in the same field. And so like that has been one of the coolest parts about having my own business is like growing this community of other like-minded practitioners and health coaches and doctors.

that are all passionate about functional medicine and we all have learned different things, right? We’ve all done different certifications and different things, different education and experience. And so drawing off of each other has been so cool and like just one of my favorite parts, honestly, of all of it.

Stephanie (26:18.698)


Stephanie (26:31.082)

Yeah. And I wish that a lot more people would have that mentality too of the community over competition because there’s enough people out in the world that need help from specific types of experts and there’s room for all of us to, you know, grow our businesses or our practices, whatever we’re doing and still be able to support each other because you know, if you’ve got 15 clients that are coming to you every month wanting to work with you, you can’t.

Lacy Lain (26:44.724)


Stephanie (26:56.106)

work with that many people. Like you’ve got to give them to someone else that you trust that you know is going to give them the same type of care that you would give them. So growing that network is so important.

Lacy Lain (26:56.159)

There’s no way. Yeah. Yes.

Lacy Lain (27:04.325)


Stephanie (27:09.846)

Sorry, I have to keep sipping otherwise my throat will close up on me. So bringing some of this back to women-owned businesses, we are all very prone to being overwhelmed and stressed and taking on more work than we really should be. So how does that negatively affect our ability to run our businesses when we are just

Lacy Lain (27:31.933)


Stephanie (27:38.996)

laden with stress.

Lacy Lain (27:41.895)

Okay, so I love this question because we’ve actually been talking a lot about this. I posted about it yesterday actually. So we took a family vacation two weeks ago and I know, like we all know this, right? We all know we need to rest. We need to take time away. Anybody in the creative space, I’m sure you have heard this so much being in the space that you’re in, in the creative space, that taking time away and then coming back is like one of the…

best things that you can do because it gives your time, your brain time to process and rest. And then you can go back like fresh. And honestly, the science behind it is so cool. But we went on a family vacation a couple of weeks ago. And I, it was the first time that I think we’ve been on vacation or on a trip where I did have, I had two meetings that I did and posted on Instagram. And other than that,

I did not answer any emails. I didn’t even check emails. When I got back, I had tons of emails, but I didn’t do it. I was like, I am taking a rest. I am taking a break. I’m gonna do it. And I came back so clear headed and just like, I think we get so bogged down in what we’re doing that we can’t see the forest through the trees. And so if we don’t rest and we don’t take time to manage our stress and even like front, like, okay.

Stephanie (28:43.36)


Lacy Lain (29:05.043)

from like an internal cellular point of view, your body can’t handle all that over and over and over and over and over and over. You’re gonna get burnout and then you’re gonna be ineffective, honestly. And then you’re gonna get overwhelmed because you’re being ineffective and you can’t think and that’s where like brain fog comes in and all the things and that’s like a cellular issue. But rest is so important for that. Like it literally can change the way your communication system within your body works. And so anyway, not to get on a big long tangent.

But I think it is, I don’t even know how to express how important it is that as business owners and moms, that we take time to rest and not out of a, I think we struggle with it because we think we’re being selfish or we are taking away from our kids or we need, like everybody has something that they need from us, right? I was talking to a friend this morning, she’s also, she’s a practitioner. And she was just saying how everybody needs her. Like everybody relies on her for stuff, her kids, her parents even,

Stephanie (29:49.175)


Lacy Lain (30:03.983)

husband, everybody needs her, right? And, and I’ve been, we’ve, me and her have been talking a lot about this like rest with as a business owner, this rest component that is so important. And anyway, I, I don’t even know how to explain all of it from a cellular level, but I think that you would agree that taking a break, and it’s not selfish.

In fact, if we take the break, then we’re more effective. And I don’t just mean in business, like in motherhood. Sometimes I love my children. I love my children more than anything, but sometimes I need a break from them. And usually when I have a break and I come back to them, I am much more attentive to them. My brain isn’t on overload, so I can actually like listen to their 15 minute long stories about a My Little Pony episode that they watched or something, or their Barbies.

I don’t even know, like, you know what I mean? Or the Lego city they just built, you know, that I’m like, oh my goodness, that’s so cool. It’s an orange Lego, right? Like, I can actually like pay attention and be a part of that. And I want to as a mom, right? And so like yesterday, for example, I was supposed to come home and I had two meetings yesterday. This is horrible, actually, but awesome at the same time. And I canceled both of them because I hadn’t spent much time with my kids this week.

Stephanie (31:16.196)


Lacy Lain (31:31.683)

And I just felt really distant from them because I’ve been working so much. And so yesterday I canceled my two meetings and we went and got ice cream and lunch. And then we walked around one of the lakes in town. And then my son is like obsessed with big cities. He loves them, which not that we live in a big city, but like the downtown area of our city. We went and like walked around and explored and looked at things. And then this morning I sat down, I got so much work done this morning. And I’m like, I got work done this morning because I rested yesterday.

and I actually took time to just like enjoy my kids and spend time with them. Like, I’m sorry, I’m going on a tangent here, but it is so important. I don’t even know how to explain how important it is, but we definitely should all, and sometimes, sometimes we have to schedule that in. Like sometimes it’s like, it’s not gonna happen unless we make it happen. And so sometimes we have to schedule in rest or do things like cancel meetings if we have to. Like those people, we can come back to those people, right? Like we can, I don’t even know. I’m not gonna get off on a tangent, but.

Stephanie (31:58.327)


Stephanie (32:26.85)


Lacy Lain (32:27.379)

Sometimes it has to be scheduled in and that’s a good thing. And it doesn’t mean you’re selfish or anything like that. You need it. And your family needs that from you. Like your family needs you to be able to handle all the things, right? And you can’t do that unless you’re resting properly.

Stephanie (32:36.433)


Stephanie (32:44.926)

Absolutely. Yeah. I’ve started taking my rest a lot more seriously this year at the beginning of the year, so I backtrack a little, I offer a service called VIP design days where I work from nine to five with one client on a particular project. And I mean, I am just eyes on the computer, just going that entire time, one hour lunch break and rest of the time I’m designing or doing whatever it is on their website. And I am.

absolutely exhausted by the end of that day. But I only do one a week and that is a hard boundary for me. I do it in the middle of the week so that I have two more days of work the next day, but those are usually latter days, , on purpose. And at the beginning of the year, I started, , I made a rule with myself that every time I book a VIP design day, I book a one hour massage for the following day because my back needs it.

Lacy Lain (33:17.648)

I believe it.

Lacy Lain (33:38.711)

I love that. Yes, no, seriously, I love that so much. That’s awesome.

Stephanie (33:44.206)

Yeah, and making a rule like that for yourself around whatever it is that you do in your life or business makes it easier to come back from that exhaustion because I mean, if I didn’t do that and I just kept going the rest of the week like everything was normal or whatever, I would have nothing left at the end of the week. I would not be able to enjoy my weekend. I wouldn’t get anything done around my house. I wouldn’t be able to have fun with my husband or do anything. I would just be useless.

Lacy Lain (34:13.947)

Yes, yes. I think that’s when people get to the burnout phase, especially, okay, especially as like moms in business, where I think a lot of times they’re not necessarily like, they’re not always like necessary businesses. And some of them are, I’m not saying they’re not, but some of them I think are more of like, trying to make a side income to help support and supplement some in our homes. And I think those are the,

Stephanie (34:40.963)


Lacy Lain (34:43.743)

the ones that don’t rest, and I’m saying this from experience, I’ve had to learn to rest, I’ll say that. But I think the ones that don’t are the ones that get burnout, and oftentimes are the ones, probably in entrepreneurship, if I can say that word in general, not just moms, but in general, those are the people that get burnout and quit because they’re not taking care of themselves, they’re not taking care of, they’re not.

Stephanie (35:01.122)


Lacy Lain (35:10.887)

Like you said, I love that you said boundaries because that’s something that I think is so important as moms in business. Like we have to set boundaries and hard boundaries. Like you gotta stick to them, you know? And that’s hard to do, but I think when we do that, it alleviates the burnout for us.

Stephanie (35:31.042)

Mm-hmm. Yeah, I think a lot of people struggle with setting boundaries because they think they’re going to seem selfish for like, they’re thinking in the back of their head, okay, I know that so and so has emailed me or that they’re sending me a boxer message or whatever, and they need me right now. And it’s like 930 at night. Like, no, they don’t. They can’t wait until morning.

Lacy Lain (35:50.411)

Mm-hmm. No, they don’t. Yes, yes.

Stephanie (35:55.082)

And I still struggle with that a lot, even though I’ve been in business for almost four years now and I still struggle with like, okay, I know that I’m waiting on this reply from somebody and I would really like to respond to it now. And sometimes I will, but I will not send a message. I will schedule it to go out the next morning so that client is not seeing that I’m up at 10 30 at night thinking about their project. Cause there’s some people that’ll, they’ll end up taking advantage of it. If they know.

Lacy Lain (36:17.331)

Yes, worrying about it, yeah.

Lacy Lain (36:23.723)


Stephanie (36:24.554)

that you’re willing to work past your set hours or whatever. So yes, setting boundaries is so hard, but it’s so necessary.

Lacy Lain (36:28.223)


Lacy Lain (36:32.723)

Yes, yes.

Stephanie (36:35.73)

So kind of talking a little bit about the same thing, but a little not. So if someone thinks that they are handling everything just fine and they’ve got all these things on their plate, they’re a mom, they’re a wife, they’re a business owner, they’ve got, you know, 10 different things that they’re in charge of at church or at school or whatever. And they’re like, I’m fine. I’m healthy. I’m eating well. I do a little bit of exercise or whatever, but they still don’t feel great.

how can they recognize that something is off that they actually need to go seek help with? Maybe they’re not necessarily feeling sick, but they’re like, something’s just not right.

Lacy Lain (37:19.611)

Okay, so a lot of times this is the hard part. This kind of goes back to even like the burnout thing, right? Like we push and push and push and push and push until we burn out and we quit. And I think the same thing is so true in the healthcare world, especially with moms, because everyone does need us and we just gotta keep going, right? Or at least we think that’s what’s in our heads, right? That’s what we tell ourselves, that’s what the world tells us.

But I think sadly, a lot of times people don’t recognize it. They recognize it and then we push it to the back burner. We don’t take care of it. We don’t go in and figure out what’s going on and see if we’re managing everything properly, even if we think we are. That’s exactly what happened to me. I mean, my husband was going through the stem cell transplant and I just thought like, I have got to, you know, mind over matter this because I’m taking care of him and the whole time I felt like junk too. And then we got home.

And I still felt like I was having to take care of everybody and do all the things. And I was so scared at that point too, that if I told him I wasn’t feeling well, then I was gonna stress him out. And then he would be even more sick or I would send him back to the hospital or something because that emotional stress or whatever. And so anyway, I think we do that a lot though. I think we put it all in the back burner. We think we’re managing it well and we don’t actually go get help.

But I think if more women would go get help, when they first, like we do recognize it and then we just keep pushing it back, right? And I think when we first recognize it, if we could learn to stop, and nber one, I think you can put boundaries in place. I think you can recognize it and put boundaries in place. And then nber two, I think if we would actually seek help in that earlier on.

Stephanie (38:53.973)


Lacy Lain (39:12.491)

I think it would alleviate a lot of the later on symptoms and things that happen because we do push everything to the back burner. And I’m speaking from experience. So when I say that, I’m talking about like, I did that, but so many women, the majority of the women that I talk to and I work with, that’s what they do. They just push it all to the back burner and then don’t deal with it until it becomes a really big chronic issue that, you know, they go in for their well check and they’re told

Stephanie (39:20.31)


Lacy Lain (39:41.575)

you’re like one point away from having diabetes. And it’s like, oh crud, now I have to do something. Or, you know, and that’s just an example, but a lot of times that’s what it is. We wait instead of going to get things handled. And I think if we did it the opposite way, nber one, we’d save a lot of money. And nber two, we would save ourselves a lot of stress and, you know, just overwhelm and all and burnout. And, you know, but yeah.

Stephanie (39:44.483)


Stephanie (39:59.38)


Stephanie (40:09.26)

Absolutely agree with all that. So what are some just like very simple things that women in business can do to start taking better care of themselves like from your functional medicine perspective?

Lacy Lain (40:22.955)

Okay, my first two things I would say is get into a rhythm and set boundaries, nber one. I think if more people understood how important it is, and when I say a rhythm, I don’t mean like have your daily schedule or whatever. I mean like a life rhythm. Like in the morning, you are getting sunlight exposure. That is huge. I don’t think people know how big that is for hormonal health, but it is huge. But in the morning, getting sunlight exposure, and then,

really taking care of our sleep. Like if we can get our sleep in order, and I’m saying this because you even like a while ago, like talking about like 10 30 at night, messaging somebody or whatever, we all do that, right? And so if we can get a handle on our sleep and truly get like the actual amount of sleep that we should be getting each night and kind of reset our body’s rhythm, that is huge, nber one.

Stephanie (41:08.484)


Lacy Lain (41:20.179)

And then nber two, I would say moving our bodies daily. And I don’t mean like vigorous workouts every single day. I think that a lot of times that’s what’s preached. Like on social media, if you get on social media and you’re dealing with these things, you probably think that you need to join a workout program and do cardio for an hour a day to, you know, I don’t even know, handle your life, right? And that’s like the exact opposite of what you should be doing, but you should be moving every day, right?

Stephanie (41:49.226)


Lacy Lain (41:49.327)

Um, and especially with people with chronic issues, like if it gets to that point, , cardio every day for an hour is not your friend, but moving your body, going on a walk every day or something of that nature is a very good and effective tool. Um, but I think resetting our rhythms and then setting boundaries. And when I say boundaries, I mean, like, these are my work hours and I’m going to get these things done in my work hour. You know, like getting it, getting it.

, how do I explain it? Into a rhythm, getting into a rhythm with work, because that’s what we all work from home, right? And then having that time and family time separated and not letting the two mix, I think is huge. I’m learning that still. I’m speaking from like, I’m working on that right now, honestly, but I have seen as I have put boundaries in place and tried to set it up that way.

that I’ve seen the difference that it has made for me in a stress level situation, you know? And I don’t think people know how big stress affects our health, but long-term stress is just, it’s horrible. Horrible. I don’t know a better way to put it other than it’s just like horrible. And we deal with that, right? Like as moms we do, and so, especially business owner moms. So I think resetting our rhythms, really getting to a good rhythm.

Stephanie (43:05.033)


Lacy Lain (43:14.311)

and focusing on sleep. Again, going back to rest. We don’t rest well enough. And turning our phones off at night, getting rid of the blue light is huge. And I’m also guilty of that sometimes.

Stephanie (43:25.382)

Mm-hmm. Yeah. Yeah, me too. No, I think that’s a lot of things that, you know, that are so basic and a lot of people probably know like, okay, I should be doing this. But then they talk about putting things on the back burner. They still just keep putting it off. They’re like, , I’ll start again tomorrow. I’ll start next week. And then they just keep putting it off and putting it off. So if they could choose just one of those things to like focus on for

a week because we knew anything for a week right what would that one thing be if you can narrow it down.

Lacy Lain (43:56.68)


Okay, the one thing I would say is get up in the morning and get sunlight. Specifically for women with our hormones, hormones affect so much. I think we just think that hormones are like PCOS, endometriosis, and issues like that. But they communicate in every area of our body and they control so much in our body. And so I would say sunlight first thing in the morning.

is essential for starting that resetting process. So, and I would challenge everyone too, that’s listening, I would challenge you to leave your phone in another room at night, charge your phone in a different room, buy an alarm clock if you have to. I think those two things alone will change your world.

Stephanie (44:35.372)

I love that.

Stephanie (44:51.254)

I can, yes, to the leaving your phone in another room. I used to be the person that would always set my alarm on my phone and then put it on the not stand. And I had an alarm clock, like I just didn’t use it. And then about, about a year ago, I guess it was, I was like, I’ve got to start doing something for nothing else than for my eyes and my head because I was getting, even though my glasses have blue light blockers in them, I was still getting headaches from being like looking at screens for too long.

Lacy Lain (45:03.892)


Lacy Lain (45:12.639)


Lacy Lain (45:19.467)


Stephanie (45:19.598)

And I was like, I got to start cutting down on that in the evenings because, , we, we would watch TV for a couple of hours and then we’d go to bed and play on our phones for a moment and then put it on the nightstand. And I’m like, we’ve got to stop this. So I started putting my phone in another room and putting it on, do not disturb, brought out my alarm clock. And that has been so nice. I feel like when we go into our bedroom now that we’re actually going in there to rest because there’s nothing that’s like

Lacy Lain (45:37.791)


Lacy Lain (45:45.513)


Stephanie (45:47.315)

you know, pulling my attention except maybe a book.

Lacy Lain (45:49.959)

Yeah, I love that so much. Yes, yes. I will say too, can I just add really quick? I know we’re like out of time, but this is actually something that I used to tell people whenever we would go through Bible studies and stuff, but we all go through the year plan or whatever and you check off your days that you read and then you’ll get behind and then people just quit, right? And so I like to tell people, especially, and I’m relating this to Bible reading, but.

Stephanie (45:51.982)


Stephanie (46:05.239)


Stephanie (46:10.341)


Lacy Lain (46:16.695)

with like the phone thing or waking up in the morning or anything like health habit wise that we’re trying to put in place, just start at the next day. Like when with our reading, like I always tell women like, okay, then forget that day that you skipped. Don’t try and catch up because you’re not going to catch up. Like none of us have the time to catch up, right? Just go to the next day. Just go to today’s date and read that one. Right. And so the same applies.

for something like trying to put our phones in another room or waking up and getting sunlight exposure or drinking enough water, any of the little like smaller healthy habits that we can put into place. Don’t get bogged down if you get behind a day or two days, just start again. Like I always tell my clients, his mercies are new every single morning. Every single morning you get another chance. So don’t let that bog you down and don’t gain your head about it that like, oh, now I failed.

Stephanie (46:51.436)


Lacy Lain (47:10.415)

No, you haven’t failed. You had a bad day. Start over tomorrow. You know what I mean? So that’s my last little thing. Sorry.

Stephanie (47:15.074)

Oh, that’s so good. That is so good. Now, again, let’s get into some rapid fire questions now. So this will just be like a few questions that are fun for people to get to know you a little bit more. So nber one, is there some kind of functional medicine practice or protocol or whatever that you’ve tried that is effective, but it like grossed you out or took you a while to get used to or has been just difficult to do from.

like coming from the Western world that we live in.

Lacy Lain (47:47.051)

Okay, so I’m gonna go with hydrotherapy first, and then I have another one that when we talk about grossing out, I actually haven’t done it yet because it grosses me out. But hydrotherapy first is, I don’t have an ice bucket that’s like on my dream list of things. I have like a whole list of things. Like I want a sauna and a red light thing, like therapy thing, like the whole thing. I don’t want just the light. I want like the whole thing, right? And I want an ice bucket and all the things. But I don’t have that, so I take cold showers.

Stephanie (47:57.752)

Ha ha.

Stephanie (48:10.891)


Lacy Lain (48:15.935)

And at first it was the worst and it was hard and I was like, this is for the burns, right? But I actually love it now and it wakes me up. Like I think I like sometimes I have told some of my friends before, sometimes I crave a cold shower and I don’t think I’m craving a cold shower itself. I’m craving that energy boost that I get when I get out and get ready and like get going for the day. That is like, I don’t even know how to explain it, but I love it.

Stephanie (48:36.91)


Lacy Lain (48:46.091)

And it’s almost like a runner’s high, you know, you get to that point in running. I love running by the way. Um, it’s not always good for you though. Like there’s a way there’s, yeah. It kind of like the cardio thing, right? Like, yes, yes. Um, but anyway, , it’s kind of like the runner’s high, like you kind of almost get like a high from like the energy boost that you get from what a lot of people do is like the dunk challenge, right? The cold plunge or whatever. Um, the same thing applies when you take like a freezing cold shower. So I love cold showers.

Stephanie (48:48.364)


Thanks for watching!

Stephanie (48:55.814)

Yeah, boundaries.

Stephanie (49:09.207)


Lacy Lain (49:16.079)

that I did not at first. And then the second thing is a parasite cleanse. I know I need to do a parasite cleanse. I know I need to do it. But I watch some of those videos on Instagram sometimes and I’m like, oh man, a girl pulled a whole parasite out of her nose the other day. And I was like, I’m not ready for that grossness. I don’t know if I can handle it. So.

Stephanie (49:22.234)

Ooh, yeah.

Stephanie (49:37.806)

Oh my gosh.

Ha ha ha!

Lacy Lain (49:43.515)

Not that they’re all gonna come out of our nose. That’s like a very, like not, like that’s not normal. That doesn’t happen to most people. But just watching them, I’m like, I know I need to do it, but I’m not ready for it yet. So that’s when I won’t have to try yet. Yeah, I gotta like mind over matter that one.

Stephanie (49:45.919)


Stephanie (49:50.272)


Stephanie (49:57.11)

something you gotta work yourself up to.

Stephanie (50:01.95)

Yeah, oh, that’s so fun. I don’t, I don’t know that I could be, , I don’t know if I could do that right now either, that would be one that I’d have to be like, all right, we’ll do some other things first and maybe work our way up to that.

Lacy Lain (50:13.515)

Yes. Yes, that’s what I feel like I have done. I’m working my way up to it, but I’m not there. I’m not, I don’t know. I have one of my reps for one of the supplement companies that I use actually just came out this week and we met and just was like going on and on about like, you have to do it, Lacey. I’m like, okay, I know I do. I just am not ready. It just grosses me out. Even though it’s like, I know that I probably have some.

Stephanie (50:34.387)

I’m sorry.

Stephanie (50:37.801)


Lacy Lain (50:41.287)

and they’re in my body right now, which is so gross, but like I’m not looking at them, so it’s a little different, you know? I don’t know, I don’t know why that’s for me. Yes.

Stephanie (50:43.26)


Stephanie (50:47.322)

Yeah, if you can’t see it, it makes you feel better. I love that. All right. So next question, what is your favorite non-work related thing to do? Like doesn’t include learning either with functional medicine stuff.

Lacy Lain (51:02.075)

Okay. Um, hiking, I love hiking and running. Um, yeah, I think hiking with my family is probably one of my favorites. My kids have actually been running with me lately. We are all doing a 5K together in November. And so that’s been fun too, but hiking is way more fun. Just in terms of like with the kids, you know? But I love both of those things.

Stephanie (51:18.655)

That’s fun.

Stephanie (51:28.32)


Stephanie (51:31.886)

Yeah, I love that. We like to go hiking too. That’s so much fun. Okay. So what is a book or a podcast or some other resource that has helped you in maybe your health journey, your motherhood, running a business, whatever topic it is you want to talk about?

Lacy Lain (51:36.157)


Lacy Lain (51:51.019)

Okay, actually I have it right here. I’m gonna show it to you. I got the year one. My friend Shayla from SD Fitwell is the one that told me about this because it’s what she uses for her business. But the PowerSheets, I don’t know if you can see it, the PowerSheets Goal Planner from Cultivate What Matters. And the reason that I love it so much is because I bought it because she had told me about it for business purposes. But then when I started going through all of their pre-work before you actually get to setting your goals, it has, you go through like,

Stephanie (52:03.504)

Oh yeah.

Lacy Lain (52:19.723)

community, family, finances, fun and recreation, health and wellness, your home and spaces, spiritual and personal growth, and then work and learning. And it was so good for me to sit down and go through, like kind of evaluate every single one of those areas. And I think it has truly made a difference. And maybe why, like right now I’m so big on this rest thing and this like setting boundaries for work and family time and just, you know, I don’t know. But.

I love them. And I also have their, I have that too, hold on. I got the Write the Word. They have these little Write the Word journals and it literally is just the word. And for each day you have like a different scripture that you write out and then you write what you’re thankful for. And they also have kid ones that go along with it. And my oldest daughter gave her life to the Lord this year and was baptized and you know, the whole thing, which is like awesome.

Stephanie (52:52.34)

Thank you.

Stephanie (52:57.998)


Lacy Lain (53:14.283)

But they have kid ones that go along with it and they’re learning about the fruit of the spirit right now in their Sunday morning groups and so we got the fruit of the spirit write the word that we do together and it has been so fun and Just really good for both of us But anyway, those are my two like anything cultivate Cultivate what matters right? That’s what’s called. Let me make sure yeah Anything they put out I feel like that I have gotten to this point has been a really good and so

Stephanie (53:29.099)


Stephanie (53:35.839)


Stephanie (53:43.976)

Yeah, that’s a really solid company. I said that’s a really solid company. Yeah.

Lacy Lain (53:44.121)

I actually have a link for those. H?

Yes, I love it. So that’s my one. Like it’s not a book, it’s more of a resource, but it has been helpful to sit down and just evaluate all those things. We don’t do that often.

Stephanie (53:58.446)

I love those. Were you saying that you have a link for both of those?

Lacy Lain (54:03.227)

Oh yeah, so I have like a free holistic health membership basically so that women who were in like a place that I was in whenever I first started can go and at least get a jpstart on their health. Like they’re not getting one-on-one or anything like that but I put a lot of resources in there so that they can get started. And I put a link to these because I love them so much. And I think they have been such a good tool for me personally. So there’s a link in there for the Holistic Health Hub. I put those in there because I love them so much.

Stephanie (54:26.734)

Perfect. Yeah, that’s perfect. I love that. So final, , like rapid fire question, then you can tell everyone where they can connect with you and all that. But what does being a homemaker in business mean to you?

Lacy Lain (54:43.107)

Okay, that’s a good question. Um, what does it mean to me?

Lacy Lain (54:53.899)

I’m probably gonna have to edit out this long pause. Well, I think I should have thought about this one beforehand. Honestly, I think of the, and I’m not like comparing myself to the Proverbs 31 woman, but when we read through that, like she’s working. She’s not just like, you know, changing diapers and I’m not saying just that is a huge job. So please hear me say that, but.

Stephanie (54:56.675)

Oh, that’s fine.

Lacy Lain (55:19.019)

she’s not just changing diapers and making meals for her family. Like she’s working to provide for her family. And so I think that for me has been a very, I don’t know, maybe like a, I hate to say goal, but like, I can’t even think of the right word. It’s a role, yeah, yeah. Like I want to be that for my family. And I wanna teach my girls too. I have two girls.

Stephanie (55:41.078)

She’s like a role model.

Stephanie (55:45.548)


Lacy Lain (55:47.787)

and Anna Boy, and I wanna teach him too, that we can stay at home, especially in today’s world. We have it so easy compared to back then, right? Because we have the internet at our fingertips and there’s so much that you can do online business-wise. And so I think for me, for teaching my kids that even, that yes, my role is to be your mom, but I also can take part in…

Stephanie (55:57.306)


Lacy Lain (56:16.223)

helping to provide for this family. And, you know, and a lot of it, like I said earlier, is like supplemental income, right? It’s not like, I’m not the sole provider. My husband is definitely the sole provider in our house. But it is helpful for sure. And it is, it does make a difference in our household. But also I think it’s just good for them to see us working hard at something, you know? And especially in today’s world with, you know.

Stephanie (56:38.486)


Lacy Lain (56:42.291)

I’m not even gonna get into that. But in today’s world, I think it’s good for our kids to see us, you know, not just, not that taking care of our homes is not, and I don’t even know how to say this without, taking care of our homes and just being a stay-at-home mom is nothing easy, and it’s not anything to say is not like a worthy calling, right? I’m not called to that. The Lord called me to this. And so,

Stephanie (56:59.444)


Lacy Lain (57:08.639)

to do that and live it out in front of my kids and teach them that they can do the same, no matter what he’s calling us to, right? Like he might call them to go work in a building with other people or, you know, call them to be missionaries or who knows what he’s gonna call them to do, you know? But for them to see us both working towards taking care and providing for our family and for them to see us being obedient to what the Lord has called us to, even if it’s hard, which some days.

I think you would agree that being a mom and business owner working from home is hard. So it’s not like the glamorous thing that everybody makes it look like on Pinterest and Instagram or on Facebook where they’re like, here, come make a thousand dollars a week selling digital products. Like that’s, there’s a lot more hard work that goes into it than just, you know, that. So

Stephanie (57:46.07)


Stephanie (57:49.858)


Stephanie (57:59.586)

Oh yeah.

Lacy Lain (58:02.775)

I think being obedient and letting them see us actually work and do the work is just really important to me. So I don’t know if that answered the question, but that’s my answer.

Stephanie (58:11.222)

I absolutely agree. Yeah. I love that. Yeah, no, that was wonderful. So finally, just tell everyone where they can connect with you, get to know you, hire you, all that good stuff.

Lacy Lain (58:25.203)

Okay, so my website is Lacy Lane Wellness and it’s L-A-C-Y-L-A-I-N. I always have to spell it because both of my names are spelled differently than normal. And I have a free, if anybody is interested, I don’t know if you are, but if you are, I have a free holistic health hub that I was talking about a while ago, and it is a free, I always say forever membership because truly my goal with that is for people who are in a position like me to be able to get started.

Stephanie (58:33.572)


Stephanie (58:52.119)


Lacy Lain (58:52.539)

And like we were talking about earlier, like it’s little habits, right? And they all build on one another. So there is a place for all of us to come and get started. And I don’t charge for that because, I mean, I think even the little habits make a huge impact. And so you can go and start there. There’s even like a health history questionnaire in there for you, like really to truly help you get started. You can go in there and get that. And there’s like, you know, there’s other fun stuff in there, like meal plans and things like that. But it’s definitely a starting place. And then,

The rest of it is all on my website if you are wanting to work one on one or if you want to wait for one of my programs coming out in November, those are coming soon. And I’m really, I’m really, really excited about those because I feel like those are going to, they’re just going to change the way that I’m able to help other women. And I’m really excited about it. I have, there’s

Stephanie (59:46.057)


Lacy Lain (59:46.295)

multiple people taking part in it too. And so you’re not just getting it from me, it’s from multiple people and it’s just, I’m excited about it obviously, but anyway, that’s where you can go or I’m on Instagram, which is just Instagram and then it’s at Lacey Lane. So yeah.

Stephanie (59:53.682)


Stephanie (01:00:01.23)

Perfect. I love that. So all that will be in the show notes so people can easily go find you and learn from you some more. So that’s awesome. Lacey, I’ve had such a good time talking to you today. Thank you so much for coming on the podcast.

Lacy Lain (01:00:14.239)

Thank you so, so much for having me.

Episode highlights:

  • What exactly is Functional Medicine?
  • The importance of continued learning throughout your career (and learning to love learning)
  • Why it’s necessary to grow a trusted network of other experts in your field
  • How stress and burnout negatively impact our ability to run our businesses
  • Why it’s important to take time away from your business and truly rest
  • Why you need to set boundaries with clients
  • 2 simple actions you can take to start taking better care of yourself
    • Reset rhythms
      • Sunlight first thing in the morning
      • Get more proper sleep
      • Move your body daily
    • Set boundaries
      • Separate work and family time



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