Custom Brand Identity Design

Everything you need to create a brand that supports your long-term business vision.

From brand strategy to a full suite of easy to use design assets that build your memorable brand.

Are you struggling to incorporate your business message into a brand identity in a thoughtful way?

Together we will define your unique stories and create a brand identity that feels like you, invites your ideal client in, and makes marketing a breeze.

A well-rounded, thoughtful brand identity will support that desire! Your brand is a combination of your visuals, messaging, customer service, and ultimately your reputation. YOU can control 3 out of 4 of those elements. Get clear on your messaging (why your company exists, what it does, and who it helps), decide how you will support your customers/clients well, and wrap it all up in a strategic visual brand identity. Your stellar reputation will follow suit!

You want a lifestyle-first business that allows you to focus on your family, fits your personality, and aligns with your values.

I’m the gal for you!

After working in print design, marketing, and several other design disciplines, it didn’t take me long to realize brand identity design is the backbone of all other design decisions in your business. A cohesive brand identity gives you all the tools you need to market your business to the right audience and create on-brand products that sell.

Feel confident that you are always putting your business’s best foot forward.

Have a seasoned designer guide you along the way to an intentional rebrand.

Finally, be consistent with your social media graphics and marketing.

Save yourself hours of clicking around in Canva each week to find the “perfect” font for one graphic.

Attract the clientele that will allow you to increase your profits and spend more time with your loved ones.

What if you could...

give it to me!

You can have a thoughtful, beautiful brand without all the headache you think it’ll take ya to get there.

you're gonna love

Your Custom Brand Identity

4 simple and easy steps that take you from struggling and stuck to celebrating and confident

The process is clear and collaborative


Questionnaire, inspiration gathering, strategy call, and mood board presentation


Logos, icons, patterns, type, colors, presented in a tangible format


Got small tweaks you want to make to the designs? No problem


Files uploaded to Google Drive and your Canva account. Now we launch!

Step 1


Taking the time to really dive deep into your brand messaging, voice, values, target audience, and competitors sets the remainder of the project up for success.

The Details

→ After you’ve been onboarded (contract signed, invoice paid, communication set up) you’ll complete an in-depth brand workbook

→ Next up, turn yourself loose on Pinterest! I’ll invite you to a shared secret board to pin inspirational images that will get us on the same visual page

→ Our strategy call (via Zoom) is where it all comes together. I’ll ask you additional questions to get crystal clear on your goals and vision so I can hit the ground running with your designs

→ Lastly, I’ll pull together an unique mood board that communicates the overall vibe of your brand direction and present it to you via Loom (an online video recording platform - helloooo fewer meetings!)

Step 2


This is the part where you sit back and relax with a mug of hot cocoa knowing that your dream brand is coming to life.

The Details

→ Your typography selections and color palette will be finalized during the mood board phase so I’ll start with..

→ Your logo suite! Depending on your business’s individual needs you’ll get anywhere from 3 - 5+ logo variations suitable for all use cases

→ Custom icons and patterns come next to fill out your brand’s presence so every touchpoint has meaning

→ Once again I’ll present your designs in a Loom video so you can easily review it at your own pace and sit with it for a bit before giving your feedback

Step 3


Clients say I can read minds, buuut that’s not actually the case. You may love 99.8% of your initial brand presentation, but want to make a small adjustment. This is the time to discuss refinements!

The Details

→ Watch your initial brand presentation on Loom, possibly a couple of times to really soak in the why behind each design decision made

→ Give your feedback in a Google Doc and/or Loom video, explaining what changes you’d like to make and why (the why is so important here!)

→ We’ll chat about the changes to see if they make sense with your brand’s messaging, vision, and goals in mind

→ I’ll make the necessary changes and present the designs again

Step 4


You’ve approved your DREAMY new brand identity design - now it’s time to get it into your hands!

The Details

→ Your final files will be exported and uploaded to our shared Google Drive folder, as well as your personal Canva account for suuuuper easy access

→ This package includes launch graphics so you are well-prepared to announce your new brand to the world

→ We’ll do a closing call over Zoom to chat about how to implement your new brand assets into your marketing, website, products, and merch. We’ll also discuss launch plans

→ And finally…we launch!

yup, it’s really that simple!

You’ll walk away from this experience feeling prepared, organized, and confident that your brand represents you and your business in the best light possible.

Get started Today

- Mary Rose Maloney, Foster Parent Coach

If you’re on the fence about working with Stephanie - just go for it. It's worth the investment.

"Stephanie delivers the whole package. You don't just get a logo; you get a whole put-together look. It's like the difference between getting one T-shirt or one outfit versus getting an entire wardrobe. I would absolutely recommend Stephanie as a brand designer.

If you’re on the fence about working with Stephanie - just go for it. It's worth the investment. You'll be able to attract your ideal clients more effectively, you'll be more confident in the way your brand looks, and your business will thrive."

Save yourself hours of time by investing in a custom brand identity that makes creating marketing materials a delightful breeze and not a chore.

Your family and your sanity will thank you for years to come.

What's Included:

→ 1 hour Zoom strategy meeting
→ Mood board
→ Full logo suite
→ Typography selection
→ Color palette
→ Branded icons
→ Branded patterns
→ 1 hour Zoom launch strategy meeting
→ BONUSES (scroll to see details)

*notice I don’t list how many of each item you get - this will be discussed and determined before you book as the needs of each business vary widely!

Most Business Owners Invest Between

$2000 - $4000

Because every business is so different, pricing will vary depending on individual needs. Your custom quote will be given to you during our consultation call.

TIMELINE 4-6 weeks

Book Your brand!

Did someone say bonuses?

I’m all about over-delivering to get you results. In addition to your brand identity design deliverables, you also get:

That’s right, from the moment you sign on the dotted line (ok, maybe a feeew moments later, I’m not Lightning McQueen okay?) you get quick access to me via WhatsApp or Voxer - your choice - for the duration of your project!

WhatsApp or Voxer Access

Bonus One

I won’t just hand over your files and say sayonara! If you have any specific questions regarding our project together, I’m more than happy to help you out during your 14-day support window. 

14 Days of Email Support

Bonus two

Yeah baby! You get loads of social media graphics in various sizes to promote your new brand to the world. I love to give, so you also get the Canva design template files to be able to customize for future content.

Launch Graphics

Bonus three

A brand identity is kind of a dud without one of these puppies. Your brand guide allows you, your team, and any contractors you work with to stay effortlessly on brand.

Multi-Page PDF Brand Guide

Bonus four

- Emily O'Reilly, EM Content Creative

"I am beyond happy with how my new branding has turned out. Working with Stephanie Duke has been such a wonderful experience. She’s nailed exactly what my vision was for this new branding. As I’ve grown and as my business has grown, I wanted something that felt more aligned with where I was… and where I want to be. Investing is a big deal. I have been on both sides of it. I understand the emotional decision it can be to invest in a business. I want my clients to feel special, that they are receiving a really elevated experience, and immediately feel that they are in a safe space and are cared for. I’ve always prided myself on going above and beyond for my clients. I never take lightly the decision they’ve made to jump on board with me. This branding makes me feel the way I want them to feel!"

She’s nailed exactly what my vision was for this new branding.

This is not for you if...

Seriously, I can’t say it enough - please don’t attempt to ‘fix’ a struggling business by spending money unnecessarily. Branding is a long-term solution, not a quick fix.

You don’t have the funds.

This is for you if...

But am I ready for this?


Again, you don’t have to have your life figured out for the next 10+ years, but pal, it’s not going to be a fun experience for either of us if you are in the dark on your own why.

You don’t have any idea what you want.

I get it. The temptation to rebrand frequently is stroooong, especially if you are a creative. But if what you got ain’t broke, don’t fix it. If trends tempt you, find ways to incorporate them into your campaigns without completely revamping your entire identity that your audience clearly loves!

You’re content with your current branding and bringing in consistent clients / customers, but are itching to rebrand.

DIYing or cheap design can only get you so far in business. If you are at 2+ years in business and still using your original branding, I’d recommend a full rebrand or at least a refresh - ESPECIALLY if your target audience or service/product has totally changed.

Your current branding is outdated or unaligned with where your business is at or heading in the near future.

Brand design IS collaborative, but you should be able to trust that the designer you are working with will provide you with the most impactful solution for your specific business.

You can’t let go of control and trust me as your designer.

You don’t have to have it ALL figured out - we’ll do that together! But it’s helpful if you have a good idea where your brand stands.

You are already pretty clear on your brand positioning, messaging, voice, and mission.

Brand identity design is a collaborative effort. I can’t give you what you need without your assistance!

You can commit to doing the pre-work and communicating well.

The pre-work and our communication throughout the project is the foundation of successfully getting you what you need and want from a brand identity.

You can’t / won’t commit to doing the pre-work or communicating appropriately.

Sometimes it’s hard to put our finger on why we want something, but trust your gut, friend.

You simply, intuitively KNOW you need a new custom brand identity.

I will never encourage another business owner to put themselves in the red to work with me. Ultimately, it's your decision, but going into debt for new branding is not the solution for a struggling business.

You’ve got the funds to make the investment.

- Danielle Abele, The Silver Linings Group

She untangled my requests into a beautiful representation of my business.

“Stephanie was a pure pleasure to work with. She listened to exactly what I wanted and was truly able to bring it to full fruition. She understood when I sent weird, jumbled notes, and was able to untangle my requests into a beautiful representation of my business. So grateful for her!

Common Qs and As:

I have a question...

I believe a thoughtful brand is crafted with strategy, story, and excellence. In order to provide you with the best chance for success, I require all brand design clients to start from a blank slate. This does not mean we can’t incorporate existing design elements into your project - we’ve just got to start with strategy first!

I already have a logo, can you just give me the other design parts I need?

This depends on you! A super simple brand identity with quick communication may only take 2-3 weeks, but a more complex identity with a vacation taken in the middle may take 6-9 weeks. I don’t recommend having a specific “launch date” in mind as this can cause unnecessary stress on you if the project is stalled for any reason. We want this to be a fun, relaxed experience for you!

How long will the project take?

Cool, not a question, lol - but also, no. A beautiful logo on its own does nothing to support your business goals. As stated above, strategy is the basis for all design decisions. I care too much about your success to let you get away with just a logo!

I just need a logo.

A 25% retainer is required upon booking to claim your spot on my calendar. The remainder of the project cost can be broken up into 3 payments, with the last payment due before final files are delivered to you. Any additional fees (fonts, templates, etc) incurred during the project will be invoiced with the final payment installment.

Do you offer payment plans?

i'm all in

It’s decision time. You can keep feeling like a visual Hot-Mess Express or you can simplify your life by getting a cohesive brand identity that supports the trajectory of your business.

Are you ready to say yes?

-Mary Rose Maloney, Foster Parent Coach

Creating content using elements from my brand identity kit is easy and a lot more fun because I'm confident that the look is professional and attractive.

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