Custom Showit Website Design

Your website should feel like an experience - a beautiful, easy to navigate experience.

Designed with your unique customer journey and business goals in mind, my custom Showit website design services are ideal for online educators, coaches, natural wellness professionals, creatives, bloggers, and other service businesses.

Is your business growing faster than you can update your website?


It can be difficult to manage a growing business, a growing family, AND keep up with all that comes with updating your website (new copy, new photos, new design, making sure buttons work…the list goes on!) Naturally you’ll come to the realization that you just need to start over. Let me tell you, that is HARD to do alone if you do not love spending hours behind a computer screen and making infinite design decisions, alongside keeping your kids and business alive.

Whether you consider yourself creative or not, designing your own website is not the reason you started your business. And transferring your hundreds of blog posts from Wix to Showit is so not the best use of your precious time.

Let me be your right-hand woman!

I take the stress out of designing and building your new site.

Whether you have an existing website on Showit or another website platform OR you’re just starting your business, I will help guide you through to a new website that is personality-packed, strategic, and easy to use for you AND your visitors.

It’s a straight-forward process


Questionnaire, inspiration gathering, and strategy call


Wireframe design presentation then build the site in Showit


Want to swap out a photo or change a line of copy? No problem


Training call and launch strategy. I’ll upload your training videos, and now we launch!

I’m the gal for you!

I’ve been in the design industry for 7+ years. In that time I’ve seen a lot of good websites and a lot of really, really bad websites. A bad website is simple to spot, but it takes a trained eye to notice what truly makes a website good. A good website is contrasting, easy for a new user to navigate, and clearly showcases what you’re all about so your visitors can make an informed action.

let's work together

my website platform of choice

Why Showit?

Ease of use
Showit’s interface is incredibly intuitive, even for non-designers, which means it’s ideal for making quick updates on your own without having to hire a designer every time you need to change a picture or your pricing. Score!

No code
Need I say more? If endless lines of letters and numbers make your palms sweat, you’re in for a treat with Showit. Everything is super visual so there’s no chance of you accidentally breaking your website.

Creative freedom
With Showit there are no limits to what you can do with the layout. You aren’t stuck in a strict template unable to change the placement of your logo. Change things up how and when you want.

Blog with WordPress
Yup, you read that right. Showit decided WordPress was already the master of blogging, so you can make your website beautiful through Showit while continuing to blog on WordPress. If you already blog on WordPress this should be music to your ears!

Mobile customization
Your mobile site can look COMPLETELY different from the desktop version if you want. That’s simply not possible with most every other website platform!

Showit is your host
No need to pay another fee to another company, Showit is your website builder AND host in one!

You're gonna love

Your Custom Showit Website

4 simple and easy steps that will end with your beautiful new site

Step 1


Every custom website is just that - custom. So the exact process we follow will vary depending on your goals and needs, but every project follows these general guidelines:

The Details

→ After onboarding (contract signed, invoice paid, communication set up) you’ll complete a detailed questionnaire that will help me know exactly what to create for you

→ Up next, I’ll review your questionnaire and do some research of my own while you pin some website inspiration to our shared PInterest board

→ Finally, I’ll condense all of our research, ideas, and inspiration into a shared document for us to go over on our strategy call - this is where we’ll nail down all the specifics and make sure I have access to all the links, assets, and passwords I need

Step 2


This is where the bulk of the action happens! Wireframes, designs, revisions, and approvals.

The Details

→ After our strategy call, I’ll get to work designing one main page (typically the about or services page) and the wireframes for the remaining pages. This is done outside of Showit so you can approve the actual creative direction before I start building the site

→ Once you approve the creative direction, I’ll build the pages out in Showit

→ During the build process, I’ll send you preview links (actual clickable pages of your website!) for small approvals throughout the build. This makes the process go sooo much faster by preventing a ton of meetings

→ If clarification is needed or I need to further explain a design decision, I’ll send you a Loom video

→ Finally, once the design details are approved, we’ll move on to refinement

Step 3


This is the time to help me polish your site so it’s launch-ready.

The Details

→ With the design finalized, we can go over little details like swapping photos, changing a line of copy, changing a CTA, swapping a link, etc.

→ This is also the time when we will test links, test forms, and do a QA (quality assurance) check on every page

→ During this phase I’ll also add basic SEO settings to each page, embed Google Analytics, pixels, and other fun nerdy tech things

Step 4


Eek, we are so close to launching! The timeline of this final step in the custom website design process will again vary from project to project depending on if you’re migrating a blog, swapping hosts, getting a new domain name, etc.

The Details

→ Every custom website design ends with an in-depth training call via Zoom. This training will be specific to you and your website, not a generic Showit how-to

→ You’ll also get access to a full library of additional training videos for specific website functions

→ Lastly, we launch your incredible new site to the world!

and that’s it!

Get ready for a website that brings in the dream clients and truly feels like your home on the web!

Get started now!

Emily O'Reilly, EM Content Creative

With a Custom Showit Website you’ll get:

→ 2 hour Zoom strategy call
→ Custom Showit website and blog design
→ 1 hour Zoom website walkthrough training call
→ Custom training video library
→ BONUSES (scroll to see details)

*notice I don’t list how many pages you get, typically it's 5-10 unique pages, but we can add more if needed since the needs of every business are different!

Most Business Owners Invest Between

$3000 - $6000

Because every business is so different, pricing will vary depending on individual needs. Your custom quote will be given to you during our consultation call.

TIMELINE 8-12 weeks

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Extra, extra!

In addition to your personality-packed, strategic website you’ll also get:

Bonus One

WhatsApp or Voxer Access

That’s right, from the moment you sign on the dotted line (ok, maybe a feeew moments later, I’m not Lightning McQueen okay?) you get quick access to me via WhatsApp or Voxer - your choice - for the duration of your project!

Bonus two

14 Days of Email Support

I won’t just hand over your files and say sayonara! If you have any specific questions regarding our project together, I’m more than happy to help you out during your 14-day support window. 

Bonus three

Launch Graphics

Yeah baby! You get loads of social media graphics in various sizes to promote your new brand to the world. I love to give, so you also get the Canva design template files to be able to customize for future content.

I believe my website will attract more attention organically or through a Google search than my regular direct appeal.

"I think the website will attract more attention organically or through a google search then my regular direct appeal. I also have a website I am proud of now because I know I am utilizing all that it can do or have the tools to in the future."

- Asha Paulose, Elder Law and Estate Planning Attorney

But am I ready for this?


This is for you if...

You have an existing brand identity or will also be working with me to create one.

A website is only as strong as your brand. At minimum I require a logo, color palette, font choices, and a clear photography direction.

You can commit to doing the pre-work and communicating well.

There’s a lot of pre-work and approval needed in custom website design. I can only do my job if you are willing to put in the work too - but don’t worry, my clients tell me I make it feel so effortless!

Your current website is outdated or unaligned with where your business is at or heading in the near future OR you’ve rebranded.

Sometimes a simple website update just won’t cut it anymore. At some point if the functionality or overall design of your site isn’t working for you, it’s a good idea to invest in a new site altogether.

You hate your current site.

Aaaand sometimes you just plain ole don’t like what you have right now and that’s okay! 

You’ve got the funds to make the investment.

I will never encourage another business owner to put themselves in the red to work with me. Ultimately, it's your decision, but going into debt for a new website is not the solution for a struggling business.

Yup, this is for me!


This is not for you if...

You don’t have an existing brand identity

I’m of the camp that you need a strong brand identity before you need a custom website. If you aren’t willing to invest in the overall look and feel of your business, then custom web design probably isn’t for you.

You can’t / won’t commit to doing the pre-work or communicating appropriately.

The pre-work and our communication throughout the project is the foundation of successfully getting you what you need and want from a brand identity.

You’re content with your current website and bringing in consistent clients / customers, but just want something new.

I get it. The temptation to redesign your site frequently is stroooong, especially if you are a creative. But if what you got ain’t broke, don’t fix it. If trends tempt you, find ways to incorporate them into your campaigns without completely revamping your entire identity that your audience clearly loves!

You can’t let go of control and trust me as your designer.

Website design IS collaborative, but you should be able to trust that the designer you are working with will provide you with the most impactful solution for your specific business.

You don’t have the cash.

Seriously, I can’t say it enough - please don’t attempt to ‘fix’ a struggling business by spending money unnecessarily. A new website design won’t fix your internal problems.

I have a question...

Common Qs and As:

How long will the project take?

This depends on you! A super simple custom website with quick communication may only take around 6-8 weeks, but a more complex site with a vacation taken in the middle may take 8-12 weeks or longer. I don’t recommend having a specific “launch date” in mind as this can cause unnecessary stress on you if the project is stalled for any reason. We want this to be a fun, relaxed experience for you!

What do I need in order to get a custom website?

I require all of my custom website design clients to have at minimum: a logo, color palette, font choices, high-quality photography, all copy in one place (a single Google Doc or multiple Docs in a Google Drive folder), and a Google Doc with all links/embed codes for systems like Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics

Do you offer payment plans?

A 25% retainer is required upon booking to claim your spot on my calendar. The remainder of the project cost can be broken up into 3 payments, with the last payment due before the site key is installed on your website. Any additional fees (fonts, templates, etc) incurred during the project will be invoiced with the final payment installment.

Will you write the copy for my website?

No, I am not a copywriter. You will either write the copy yourself or (my recommendation) hire a professional copywriter. It’s my opinion that if you are investing in custom website design you should also invest in copywriting for your custom site

On a DIY budget, but still want my help with your website?

Check out my VIP Design Day service where I can customize a website template for you at a fraction of the cost of custom design!

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